ProAccount Lanka wishes to contribute to the society on Sri Lanka. We wish to provide children with a safe upbringing and opportunities for education. For this reason, we are collaborating with two childrenas homes on Sri Lanka: Biyagama Childrens Home and Ozanam Childrens Home. In cooperation with our owner in Norway, we cover a part of the homesa monthly fees. In addition we have completed maintenance projects in order to improve the everyday living conditions for the children. Our partnerships with the homes have lasted from the origins of the company.

Biyagama Childrens Home

Biyagama Childrens Home is a home for girls between the ages of 3-18 years, who of various reasons cannot live with their parents. The home is located one hour from Colombo.

Ozanam Childrens Home

Ozanam is our second project. The home is for handicapped children between the ages of 4-18 years. Here they are getting medical treatment, education and vocational training. The home is in Batticaloa, which is at the eastern part of Sri Lanka and one of the areas most affected by the civil war.

Compared to right to education, the right to learn is easy to exercise.