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Highly qualifiedAemployees

The people on Sri Lanka is well educated and have English as one their three official languages. The combination of a work force with relevant skills and education as well as having a shared language makes the country very attractive for the accounting and IT industry. This is one of the reasons many international companies have established business here in Sri Lanka.

The accounting profession is sought after

The accounting profession is regarded as a high status profession on Sri Lanka. This is why many of the top students chose this profession. Several international accounting institutions offer opportunities for education in Sri Lanka. Among these are; ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) and CIMA (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants). Both of these institutions offer accounting qualifications that are internationally recognized. ProAccount Lanka has many employees who have their background from the fore mentioned institutions.

Best in travel 2013

There are many tourists from for example Europe and the US who come to Sri Lanka to visit on of the many beautiful beaches on the island, see remnants from the countryas 2000 years of history, or visit the tea plantations producing the world famous a?Ceylon teaa?. The renowned travel guide a?Lonely Planeta? named Sri Lanka as the top destination when choosing the a?best in travela 2013.

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