We can help you keep the margin of errors close to zero!

Manual verification ensures better financial control

ProAccount Lanka offers complete bookkeeping of all types of vouchers. We deliver accounting services to companies in a wide range of industries and sizes. Our services are also well suited for accounting firms.
ProAccount Lanka offers cost effective manual verification and registration of your information system for invoices. Currently we are handling more than 900.000 invoices annually for companies in Scandinavia, Germany and other countries in Europe.

ProAccount Lanka developes templates for major projects such as streamlining data capture. We can customize solutions for your needs.

Do you need a controller full-time for a few weeks, a few months, or a longer periode? We can increase capacity and control in your business temporarily or on a more permanent basis.

Working in the cloud makes us a global player!

Up til now we have performed accounting and verification services mostly for Scandinavian clients. But currently we are also planning for establish our services in several other markets.